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  • The Retro Paint

    The Retro Paint

    Slow motion walk, Outside the darkness, Smiling, Thin shape, Confident walking, Red, orange and black tone The city that never sleeps, I can hear his giggle, Big eyes, Watching with so much attention  A paint mixture Of a retro love Thank you for Reading! 🌹 © 2022 Glenda Soto-Gomez | All Rights Reserved

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  • The Yellow Rose

    The Yellow Rose

    And what if the party stopped, Yellow Bright Dress, Classic black suit, His eyes meets mine, He kneels down before me and speaks to my ear, You look tired, he says I smile, Time to go home, he adds His jacket on my soul, Throwing flowers as I walk, One on my hand, A yellow […]

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  • Dance at Heart (Baile al Corazón)

    Dance at Heart (Baile al Corazón)

    Dianthus Feelings of love, affection, gratitude and admiration. One thousand explosions Of this heart, His mind exploded Of love, My soul exacerbated In an Irish melody, And now you oh oh Let me think about it, Even if you don’t want, Let me try, We fight in a Roman Coliseum, And you give up Desiring, […]

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  • One More Time (Una Vez Más)

    One More Time (Una Vez Más)

    Snapdragons “Strength, Grace, Truth-Telling, Overcome Challenge” When isolation is all that is left, And you are what you never thought of, When your sight gets lost in the distance, And discreetness becomes lust, When you wonder why you lose yourself, And you look inside to find you again, In the final border of an intoxicating […]

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